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The leaderboard has been updated and it's now in the test phase!


  • We have now uploaded the test instances for tracks 1 and 2. Please merge the recent changes from Github to get the updates. ⬇️

  • For track 1 (Surrogate) the test seed is 6537855 - it can be found in

  • For track 2 (RL) the test seed for all instances is 19120623 📆 - it can be found in baseline_rl/, and

  • The instance files for track 2's test phase can be found in the folder data/test

  • As in the validation phase, the test phase of track 2 requires 100 Monte Carlo samples for each instance. 🎲

  • The validation phase is still running so we have not changed the submission system yet. We will do so when the validation phase is over.

  • The leaderboard will be reset for the test phase. Please make sure you submit your solutions again on the website when the test phase leaderboard is active. ⬆️


  • We are one week away from the end of the validation phase (05.07).

  • After the validation phase is over we will provide the test instances on the Github repository.

  • You will have again one week to submit your results for the test instances (12.07 - AoE).

  • Winners will be selected based on the results of the test phase.

  • If you have any technical problems with your submission during the test phase, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find a workaround for your case.

  • If possible, please submit your test results before the deadline to avoid any issues near the end of the deadline.

  • Best of luck! ☘️


  • Prizes have been announced! Please check here.


  • 🎉 We are sorry about the delay but happy to announce that we are now officially in the validation phase! 👊🏻

  • The validation instance of Track 1 has been updated. 🚀

  • The validation instances of Track 2 remain the same as the tryout phase. 🤖

  • Within the documentation page, you can find our FAQ, README and Announcements.


  • We have updated to read from files appropriately. 🔼

  • We have fixed a bug in the noisy travel times introduced in the last update. 🐞


  • We are now in the tryout phase. This phase runs until the 21st of May 27th of May. Please expect a few updates to the master code until then. After this date, no further changes will be introduced.

  • We kindly ask you to report any issues you may encounter via the issues page on the Github repo or via the slack channel.

  • We changed the way randomness is calculated in the environments. Please update your code.

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