AI for TSP Competition

This is the documentation of the AI4TSP Competition - IJCAI 2021


In the AI for TSP competition, we try to solve optimization problems using machine learning. The competition will be hosted at the Data Science meets Optimization workshop at IJCAI21 and consists of two tracks:

  • Online supervised learning using surrogate models

  • Reinforcement learning

The goal of this competition is to strengthen the relationship between the machine learning field and the optimization field. You can learn more about the competition here.


The total prize money is 1000€. 💶💶💶💶💶

  • First place (both tracks): 350€.

  • Second place (both tracks): 150€.

  • We will also sponsor one IJCAI workshop registration per invited team for the winners who want to present their work at the Data Science meets Optimization workshop. 🤓


  • May 7: Start of the tryout period

  • May 21: Competition starts May 27: Competition starts

  • July 5: Submission deadline (validation)

  • July 12: Submission deadline (test)

  • August 9: Winners are contacted privately

  • August 21/22: Public announcement of winners


For more details about the competition, please refer to this document.

Official Repository

Check out our Github repository.

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